• Jairo Raphael Moreira Correia de Souza. (PhD, since March 2020)
  • Rodrigo dos Santos Lima. (PhD, since March 2020)
  • Rodrigo José Sarmento Peixoto. (PhD, since March 2020)
  • Laís da Silva Farias. (MSc, since March 2020)
  • Raquel Maria Santos de Oliveira Moura. (MSc, since March 2020)
  • Igor Nascimento dos Santos. (MSc, since August 2019)
  • Karine Galdino Maia Gomes. (PhD, since March 2019)
  • Alex Juvencio Costa. (PhD, since March 2019)

Past students

  • Thiago Mael de Castro. A Machine-Verified Theory of Commuting Strategies for Product-Line Reliability Analysis. (PhD 2019, co-advised with Vander Alves).
  • Pedro Henrique Sousa de Moraes. Willow: A Tool for Interactive Data Structures and Algorithms Visualization. (MSc 2020)
  • Thayonara de Pontes Alves. Porting the Software Product Line Refinement Theory to the Coq proof assistant: A Case Study. (MSc 2020)
  • Samuel Bristot Loli. Object-Relational Mapping Code Smells in Java Projects: A catalog and a detection tool. (MSc 2020)
  • Daniel Severo Estrázulas. A domain specific language for describing classification rules in the quota system of the brazilian federal public education network. (MSc 2020)
  • Karine Galdino Maia Gomes. Characterizing Safe and Partially Safe Evolution Scenarios in Product Lines: An Empirical Study. (MSc 2019)
  • Alex Juvencio Costa. Test Strategies for Smart Cities Applications: A Mapping Study. (MSc 2019)
  • Gabriel Ibson de Souza. On the challenges and architectural impacts of introducing gamification into a software system: The VazaZika case study.. (MSc 2019)
  • Victor Laerte de Oliveira. An Empirical Study on the Adoption of the Kotlin Programming Language for Android Development. (MSc 2019)
  • Bruce Fabian Reis Albuquerque. Evaluating the consistency of government sites to the coding guidelines from the web standards of electronig government (e-PWG). (MSc 2018)
  • Gabriela Cunha Sampaio. Partially safe evolution of software product lines. (MSc 2017, co-advised with Paulo Borba)
  • Fernando Chaves Benbassat. Safe evolution of product lines: Feature extraction scenarios. (MSc 2017, co-advised with Paulo Borba)
  • Thiago Mael de Castro. Commutative strategies for reliability analysis of software product lines. (MSc 2016, co-advised with Vander Alves)